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How It Works

SWFUpload allows users to select one or more files for upload and then, rather than submitting a form, the files are sent asynchronously (in the background) while SWFUpload continuously sends events that allows the page to be updated dynamically with upload progress and status. There is no more waiting while pages hang and the browser spins its little activity icon.

SWFUpload’s powerful API gives you the ability to keep your users informed while their files are uploaded. This design also gives the developer the ability to integrate the upload experience with the design of the website rather than force you to some pre-built upload UI.

SWFUpload will feel very familiar to those that have experience with AJAX development.

SWFUpload also provides the ability to check a files type and size prior to uploading the file. Saving users the time and frustration of having files rejected after long uploads.

url ==> http://swfupload.org


url ==> http://drupal.org

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bos lam knal ni.postingannya ada yag b.lokal ga.

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