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Hot Cities for the Coolest Jobs

Eighty-five percent of recent college graduates (Generation Y) would pack up and move for a cool job, according to an Experience.com survey last month. Even more surprising is where, and why, they would go.

Conversations among young adults about hot cities often focus on the social scene, but there's a consistent preference shown in this survey to big cities with many job openings as well as bright lights for job opportunities. In fact, even with today's high unemployment rates, recruiting managers at a variety of organizations, from Fortune 1000s to entrepreneurial companies, are looking to hire recent college graduates for entry-level jobs, internships, and training programs. These employers should be encouraged by research from career services provider Experience, Inc., which found that Gen Y job seekers will move to fill open positions.

In the 2008 Hot Cities Survey, 85% of recent college graduates surveyed indicated they were interested in relocating within the U.S., and 70% would consider relocating abroad.

No mystery here -- the most popular reason indicated for relocating was career opportunities (44%), and presumably the very recent turbulence in financial and employment situations across the country would only add to their willingness to move.

Survey respondents also reported that the social scene (19%) and family (6%) were important considerations as well. The list of preferred top cities may reflect the social preferences of these respondents -- all are large, well-established cities in different parts of the country. At the same time, 33% said a high cost of living could be a factor in turning down a stellar job opportunity.

In fact, proximity to family, weather conditions, and availability of public transportation were important considerations as well for a big move.

The survey benchmarked the desirability of various metropolitan areas across the country. Gen Y survey respondents ranked the following as the most desired cities:

1: New York (12%)
2: Washington, D.C. (8%)
3: Chicago (8%)
4: San Francisco (7%)
5: (Tie) Seattle/Tacoma; Atlanta; Boston; Charlotte (5%)

While it's not at all unusual for job seekers to think about moving somewhere else after finishing college, the strain of the economy is clearly pulling candidates in different directions. In the end, a wish list may not directly align with the reality of getting a career going wherever the opportunities exist. Candidates will make a significant move for a job, provided the "extracurricular" considerations add up.

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