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Layout of a Facebook Profile

How to Edit the Layout of a Facebook Profile


Difficulty: Easy

Log in to your Facebook account or sign up for one for free (see Resources below).

Go to your profile. On your personalized Facebook home, there will be four bold tabs across the top of the screen; "Profile," "Friends," "Networks" and "Inbox." Click on the "Profile" tab.

Position profile sections. In your profile, each section is divided up and titled with light blue headers with the section name. To sort, click on the light blue header and drag and drop the section where you want it to be on your profile.

Continue surfing. There is no need to save changes to your Facebook layout. All changes that you make will be saved until you edit the layout again.

Tips & Warnings

Some sections of your Facebook cannot be moved. Sections that can be moved will have a four-way arrow cursor that is displayed when you scroll over the header.

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